Research Briefing on Services for Immigrant Families with Young Children in Doña Ana County

Jul 19, 2021
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This briefing details the findings from our 2020 Strengthening Border Families study, which identified barriers and facilitators to service receipt among immigrant families with young children in Doña Ana County. We also present preliminary results from a survey of frontline workers serving immigrant families across a variety of community settings. We discussed policy and practice recommendations and next steps for the local community and state of New Mexico. We were joined by guest speaker Margie McHugh from the Migration Policy Institute's (MPI) National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy, who shared new data about the population of dual language learners (DLLs) in NM and opportunities for improving equity in early childhood policies and programs for children in immigrant families. Margie's Powerpoint slides are available below, including links to various fact sheets and data sets on DLLs referenced during the briefing.

MULTIPHASE STUDY:* PHASE I Community and government agency representative Zoom interviews to examine perceptions of accessibility and quality of services for immigrant families before and during the COVID-19pandemic.* PHASE II Online survey of frontline workers about the accessibility and quality of services forimmigrant families.


  1. Understand community perceptions of accessibility and quality of their services for immigrantfamilies with young children;
  2. Identify barriers and facilitators for immigrant families accessing services;
  3. Develop policy and practice solutions to improve supports for immigrant families with young children in the NM borderlands and throughout the state.