• Description

This case study is part of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Expanding Equity program, which helps workplaces become more racially equitable places of opportunity. The program supports and inspires companies to take action using four pillars: Attract, Belong, Promote and Influence. Each pillar offers opportunities for advancing racial equity, diversity and inclusion in companies. This case study lifts up actions from the Attract pillar, which focuses on attracting and hiring professionals of color into a company, in turn increasing representation at all levels of the organization.


Oshkosh took the following actions:

  • Researched different data points and benchmarks and set one of their racial equity aspirations: to be an organization with the best talent that reflects broader market demographics
  • Took their research and collaborated with their Total Rewards and Finance teams to link DE&I representation goals to leader compensation
  • Established their DE&I representation goals and milestones and tied them to a formal incentive plan
  • Mobilized their employees to act by using multiple channels (e.g., key leadership meetings, internal DE&I newsletter) to build awareness of these changes

Advancing DE&I Representation Goals through Formal Incentives: Oshkosh Corporation Case Study