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Strategic Communication Planning Hub

July 13, 2023

The Strategic Communication Planning Hub by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation is a free online resource that provides valuable tools and insights for strategic communication planning. It includes guidance on content writing, digital strategies and tactics, message development, communication strategies for change and more. It also features an interactive tool where you can build your own communication plan.

Fact Sheet: Birth Trauma and Maternal Mental Health

September 7, 2023

This Fact Sheet focuses on birth trauma and the impact on maternal mental health: 1 in 3 childbearing people report feeling traumatized by their birthing experience, and 1 in 5 childbearing people report being mistreated during pregnancy or childbirth. pregnancy, disability, and maternal mental health.This Fact Sheet identifies key facts about birth trauma and maternal mental health, factors contributing to birth trauma, impacts of birth trauma and racism, and the intersection of birth trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Maternal and Child Health

Federal Child Care Relief Funds: Increased Access and Supported Providers

August 1, 2023

This report notes that the COVID-19 relief funds and federal childcare relief funds will be concluding in September 2023 and September 2024, and how that might impact the children and families in the four states of Michigan, Louisiana, New York and Virginia. It also outlines key themes in what the funding accomplished and how the funds have been used in each state. Laying out the worst-case scenarios and challenges families and their children will have to endure when the relief resources end.

Estudio Diagnóstico Sobre Ceencias Y Prácticas De Crianza En El Municipio De Halachó, Yucatán.

August 1, 2023

Este documento presenta los resultados y análisis de un ejercicio diagnóstico de tipo exploratorio sobre las creencias y prácticas de crianza en el municipio de Halachó, Yucatán realizado a finales de 2020 y principios de 2021, en el marco del proyecto Fortalecimiento de promotoras mayas yucatecas en crianza con buenos tratos.

Sembrando Alianzas

July 25, 2023

Sembrando Alianzas digital is a collaborative and self-managed space to share learning, connect actors and encourage collaboration between organizations and institutions that work in the Mexican southeast alongside indigenous communities to improve the living conditions of their families.Sembrando Alianzas digital es un espacio colaborativo y autogestionado para compartir aprendizajes, conectar actores e incentivar la colaboración entre las organizaciones e instituciones que trabajan en el sureste mexicano de la mano de comunidades indígenas para mejorar las condiciones de vida de sus familias.

Fact Sheet: Infant Feeding and Parental Mental Health

July 1, 2023

Human milk is widely considered to be the optimal food for infants, yet fewer than 25% of babies in the U.S. receive exclusive human milk at 6 months of age. This Fact Sheet shares evidence-based information on the mental health-related challenges parents face with infant feeding, including hormones and mood, racial and cultural challenges, prescription medications, sleep disturbances, and more.

Maternal and Child Health

Strengthening Border Families: Data Highlights from Interviews & Focus Groups With Immigrant Caregivers

June 20, 2023

This report details key findings of the third phase of a multiphase mixed-methods study that aims to: 1) understand the accessibility and quality of services for immigrant families with young children in Doña Ana County both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic; 2) identify barriers and facilitators to service access for these families; and 3) uplift community-informed practice and policy solutions to improve equity in access to key supportive services for immigrant families with young children in southern New Mexico and across the state.

USBC and the First Food Field

June 15, 2023

Funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) aimed to assess the baseline status of USBC-affiliated First Food field stakeholders in implementing, integrating, and embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their programs and services. This evaluation consisted of active stakeholder engagement throughout the stages of the evaluation, a convergent mixed methods design, enhanced data collection and analysis, and comprehensive and specific recommendations and feedback for USBC and affiliated member organizations.

What Will it Take to Achieve Funding for All Michigan Students? $4.5 Billion Needed to Close Funding Gaps

April 12, 2023

Report details the amount needed for MI school funding to reach an adequate level required under the law ($4.5B, which includes $1.6B for free, universal preschool) and explains which changes to the school funding formula would create the biggest and most equitable improvements.

Early Childhood Education

Fact Sheet: Pregnancy, Disability, and Maternal Mental Health

April 1, 2023

Approximately 1 in 8 births are to women with disabilities, and women with disabilities are twice as likely to experience maternal mental health conditions as compared to women without a disability. This Fact Sheet outlines the factors impacting perinatal health care for women with disabilities with a specific focus on maternal mental health.

Maternal and Child Health

State of Black Breastfeeding Research & Policy Call to Action

February 28, 2023

Since the release of the African American Breastfeeding Blueprint, insightful discussions regarding further exploration of the landscape of breastfeeding across the Black Diaspora have ensued. From these discussions, ROSE created a space in which these ideas can be incubated and activated to increase and improve the rates and experience of Black breastfeeding. This became known as the State of Black Breastfeeding (SBB) Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to improve breastfeeding initiation and duration rates in Black communities by prioritizing perinatal Black families, community health workers and organizations, and healthcare providers.

Health Equity; Maternal and Child Health

2023 State of WIC Report: Building the Bridge to a Healthier Future

February 22, 2023

The 2023 State of WIC Report: Building the Bridge to a Healthier Future, supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, outlines progress on WIC modernization efforts; growing participation due to remote services; WIC's swift responses to the infant formula crisis; USDA proposed food package changes to improve nutrition security; and WIC's role in advancing health equity. The report brings together existing research and data to describe how the WIC program works and its positive impact on low-resourced families. The many useful facts and figures of the report are supplemented by quotes sharing the lived experiences of WIC participants and testimonials from WIC providers.

Maternal and Child Health

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