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PreK For All Roadmap takes a holistic approach to rolling out PreK For All

March 27, 2024

This is an article about rolling out Pre-K for all in Michgian. 

Early Childhood Education

Investing in Our Future: A Look at How We Support Our Children

February 16, 2024

It is our collective belief that access to accurate and comprehensive budget information is crucial for informed decision-making and progress in early childhood education. The Early Childhood Education Budget book should serve as a valuable tool for policymakers, educators and stakeholders in our state. By disseminating this information, we aim to foster transparency, facilitate evidence-based planning and ultimately strengthen the foundations of early childhood education in Mississippi. While we have strived for perfection, we acknowledge that this inaugural edition might require refinement. However, I assure you that we remain fully committed to continually improving our data set and potential future editions. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable, and we encourage you to share insights that can help enhance the accuracy and usefulness of this resource.As we delve into the wealth of financial and programmatic data presented in the Mississippi Early Childhood Education Budget book, it is essential to approach the information with a balanced mindset and a commitment to meaningful discussion. While financial data can be a powerful tool for understanding and evaluating the allocation of resources, it is crucial not to weaponize it for personal or political gain. Let us remember that the purpose of this book is to foster transparency and informed decision-making, not to fuel divisiveness. By engaging in constructive dialogue and seeking a comprehensive understanding of the data, we can collectively work toward building a stronger foundation for early childhood education in Mississippi.

Early Childhood Education

Top-Down, Bottom-Up: Building a State Child Care Center Workforce

February 1, 2024

This report details a comprehensive 10-step approach for states to develop a competent and stable workforce. There is no silver bullet. All the steps are important, and administrators should work on many at the same time. Child care is ultimately a local issue with national repercussions. Each state has a unique landscape that will drive different processes and policies along the journey to a strong and stable child care workforce.

Early Childhood Education

How Can We Engage Community in Evaluations in Service of Racial Equity: A Tool Kit for Practitioners

January 1, 2024

Evaluators help measure the effectiveness of change efforts that impact the lives of children and their families every day. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, together with Community Science, offer a tool kit for change agents who are looking to get concrete about how to advance racial equity through evaluation. Building from the Practice Guide Series on Doing Evaluation in Service of Racial Equity, this tool kit includes insightful blogs, tip sheets, presentations and more, that will help evaluators get real about evaluation for racial equity.  Read the tool kit in full or explore it in three parts: 1) How we think and practice; How we can engage community; and How we do evaluations in service of racial equity. Email your questions or feedback to

Early Childhood Education; Racial Equity and Healing

New Mexico: A Snapshot of our Commitment to Children

November 1, 2023

New Mexico is full of rich histories, cultural legacies and community pride. Through our grantees' work to provide and improve equitable opportunities for children, families and communities, their efforts are also supporting the cultural, social and governance traditions throughout the state. We strive for equity across boundaries of language, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, and national origin. Our strategies cut across the political aisle, philanthropic siloes, diverse sectors and disparate issue areas— all in service of results-driven outcomes for every child.Children are at the heart of our collective impact—making historic and lasting change in education, health and family economic security for generations of children living in New Mexico. Decades-long commitments to children have created a movement of system and policy innovations. We see our investments within these child-centered partnerships flourishing and advancing the well-being of underserved communities. While tremendous progress has been made, we know there is more work to be done.

Early Childhood Education; Food Systems; Racial Equity and Healing

Closing the Opportunity Gap for Young Children (2023)

May 1, 2023

Book exploring the opportunity gap for young children from birth to age 8.

Early Childhood Education

What Will it Take to Achieve Funding for All Michigan Students? $4.5 Billion Needed to Close Funding Gaps

April 12, 2023

Report details the amount needed for MI school funding to reach an adequate level required under the law ($4.5B, which includes $1.6B for free, universal preschool) and explains which changes to the school funding formula would create the biggest and most equitable improvements.

Early Childhood Education

Summer Fun Activity Book Lower Elementary

April 1, 2023

The Michigan Learning Channel's 8-week summer program has everything kids need to continue building their brains and learning key concepts that will help them succeed in school. From preschool to 6th Grade, each grade has 2-3 hours of video lessons per week, plus a fun and interactive activity book.

Early Childhood Education

Summer Fun Activity Book Upper Elementary

April 1, 2023

The Michigan Learning Channel's 8-week summer program has everything kids need to continue building their brains and learning key concepts that will help them succeed in school. From preschool to 6th Grade, each grade has 2-3 hours of video lessons per week, plus a fun and interactive activity book.

Early Childhood Education

Understanding and Improving Title I of ESEA

January 24, 2023

This is a six-part series analyzing effectiveness of the Title I formula in targeting resources to highest-need school districts. 

Early Childhood Education

Eyeing the Exit: Teacher Turnover and What We Can Do About It

January 11, 2023

In March 2022, the Mississippi State Legislature passed the largest single-year pay raise for public school teachers in our state's history, raising teacher pay by an average of $5,151. Just months later, districts reported the highest levels of teacher attrition in years: one in five Mississippi teachers opted to not return to their classroom for the 2022-2023 school year, including one-third of all teachers in districts with an "F" accountability rating. These levels of attrition constitute a sharp uptick from previous years and beg the question: why are Mississippi teachers continuing to leave the classroom in droves?Mississippi First has been studying this question for the last few years. In the months leading up to the historic 2022 teacher pay raise, we surveyed 6,496 teachers—one in five teachers statewide—about their pathway into the profession, financial well-being, career plans, and policy preferences. In this report, we present the results from the survey to provide a nuanced answer about which teachers are leaving the classroom and why. We also examine the connection between attrition risk and standard of living to make the case that financial insecurity is rampant among educators and a major driver of early exits from the classroom. Finally, we offer a series of recommendations for policymakers to address teacher turnover and strengthen every facet of Mississippi's educator pipeline

Early Childhood Education

Read, Write, ROAR! 1st Grade 1st Semester

January 2, 2023

Grade level (1ST Grade) activity books include activities that span the full 1st and 2nd semesters for Kindergarten - third grade. Books include two Read, Write, ROAR! sheets per week plus additional PBS Kids activities. Preschoolers can use the Early Learners booklet to get ready for kindergarten.

Early Childhood Education

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